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Please read and follow these rules during your time in Infuriate. These are extremely important and they mean a lot to each and every one of us. Anyone found to be breaking the rules will receive warnings, and may ultimately be asked to leave the guild.

Rule Set

1. Be good, and stay good. Everyone has a bad day and we understand that, but if you are consistently performing at a level of skill that is far from what we expect, you may be asked to leave the guild.

2. Be professional. Although our guild is more fun than other top-tier guilds in Tera, by carrying our emblem you are also carrying our reputation. Do not do anything that may have a negative impact on our reputation.

3. Be respectful. Being an elitist doesn't mean you have any right to be disrespectful to anybody both inside and outside of Infuriate. We are a guild, and we expect everyone to be nice to each other. This is extremely important, and you will be warned immediately if we are having any issues with that.

4. Listen. Listen to what your guild members have to say. Every person that makes it past trials is a good player in one way or another and should have their words heard when we are having guild discussions.

5. Loyalty. If you wish to apply to any competing (PvE) guilds, please leave our roster prior to doing so.


6. Please refrain from spamming on Teamspeak. Push to talk is not necessary, but if we find that you forget to turn off your microphone or something, please do not be offended if we decide to move you into another channel or mute you. This is a temporary action to save the sanity of our players.

7. It's pretty free-for-all as to what you say, but please keep general etiquette into consideration. This means that there will be absolutely no tolerance to any form of intentional discrimination towards minorities. Respect everyone around you and you will receive that respect in return. If you fail to do this, you will be kicked and banned from Infuriate. Thank you for your consideration.