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How to apply

Click apply on the top right corner of the page and fill out the application to the best of your ability.

After you have submitted your application and we have determined that your goals as a player are in line with ours, we will run you through an objective based assessment of skill based on your class. You can still apply if you're on a different server, as long as you have the intention of transferring over upon successful completion of your trial.


All trials in this current patch will take place in SSHM and DS Uppers, we ask that anyone applying be comfortable with those 2 instances.

The first half of the trial will take place in SSHM and the second half in DS Uppers.
If we feel you underperformed in SSHM then trial will conclude there.

DPS will be evaluated on survivability and DPS output relative to your class.

Tanks will be evaluated on survivability, positioning and DPS output relative to your class.

Healers will be evaluated on debuff uptime, party support, and managing HP levels of slaying DPS.

Post trial

After your trial has concluded, the members present in your trial will briefly discuss your performance and come to a decision regarding your invitation into Infuriate.

This is an opportunity to discuss your performance, how you think you performed, what you could've done better, and our thoughts overall.

Recruit rank

For all those who pass their trial, you will be invited into the guild with a recruit rank. This rank is only temporary and is used to distinguish which members are new and are still getting to meet all other members of the guild. During this period, you will continue to be evaluated, not necessarily for skill, but rather on your ability to interact with the guild.

After your recruit period is up and we deem your personality to be suitable, we will promote you to a full fledged member of Infuriate.


For those who do not pass their initial trial, we do not exclude prospective members from joining the guild after one failed attempt. If you are serious about joining the guild, we suggest you practice the strategies we share with you after your initial trial and approach us for a retrial when you feel comfortable with these tactics.

We can also pull you into guild groups for hands on experience if you feel it would be beneficial. If you fail a second trial, we may provide additional chances based on extenuating circumstances.